Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angelica's spa day cake

We made this cake for our cousin-Angel's 16th birthday..
The cake was inspired by Maisie Parrish.
Here's what we come out with...

Happy 16th birthday Angel!
Hope u like the cake :)

Dumont Cake

Little mermaid cake + cupcakes in tier

We never thought that we'd really enjoy making this little mermaid theme...
We decorated the cake first.. and once we started.. it's hard to stop...
From Ariel the little mermaid to flounder, sebastian, the clown fishes, octopus, and other sea creature... Each character brings out the sea ambience even more to the set...

Little Mermaid theme in tier..

Dumont Cake

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rapunzel cupcakes

Ci Yuli pesen cupcakes tema Rapunzel buat Isha's bday celebration di sekolah.
Pas ci Yuli bilang mau tema nya Rapunzel.. sempet bingung.. heh? yang mana satu tuh ya? Koq belom pernah denger hahaha.. *payah kan kurang up-to-date ;p*
Untung ada oom google to help me out hahaha.. baru tau kalo ternyata ini latest animation keluaran disney...
Pas liat gambarnya.. langsung tertarik pengenn bikin.. soalnya Rapunzel nya cantik & rambutnya panjaaaaaang hehehehehe....

Ci Yuli pesen gambar Rapunzel untuk dibagiin ke temen2 cewe & gambar Flynn untuk dibagiin ke temen2 cowo Isha di sekolah...
Minta di packing di tabung mika pake pita pink-ungu sesuai warna baju nya Rapunzel :)

Dumont cake presenting Rapunzel - now available not only in theatres, but also on cupcakes! :D

Rapunzel cupcakes on tier

Rapunzel themed birthday tag

Dumont Cake

Vintage stuff cake + cupcakes

Enjeline ordered this cake for her friend - Ivonne's birthday. She said Ivonne really like vintage stuff.
Pas janjian ketemu, Enjel & Lastri sampe udah nyiapin sketch pengen barang2 apa aja utk ditaro di atas cupcake nya plus picture reference of the stuff that they want to put on the cake..

This is the full view of the cake & cupcakes

The pretty birthday lady in cheongsam holding an umbrella

The vintage stuff on the cupcakes

Red vespa

Classic style photo frame

Tea set

Antique car

Old-fashioned telephone

Wooden house with thatched roof


Gold coin *inspired by old kung fu movies* :D

Thanks for ordering Enjel! :)

Dumont Cake

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Canada ski resort cupcake set

Santo ordered this cupcake set for his friend Hilman..
Maunya tema nya Canada, ada orang main ski, rumah kayu, daun maple, ice wine & gunung es..

Jadilah dibikinin nya kaya gini..

Welcome to club 30!

the 'drunken' penguin with ice wine on his side ^^

the snow flakes that's covering hilman's birthday signboard

Dumont Cake

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sewing machine cake

My mom-in-law was having her birthday just yesterday. Me & my sis-in law were thinking what gift should we gave her...
She spends most of her time with her sewing machine making patchwork quilting... so we combine it with what we do.. bringing the replica of her sewing machine & hobby on top of a cake... :)

The challenge in making this is we have only 2 hours to do it.. Since this is a surprise, so we decorated the cake while she was out for lunch with her friends..
We managed to finish it when she came home.. yeaaay! ^^

The good news is : she loves the cake.
The bad news is : she doesn't wanna cut the cake because she doesn't wanna ruined the decoration... but i think we'll "force" her to cut the cake today coz there's a delicious steamed brownies laying inside it waiting to be eaten hahaha... --can't wait-- :D

Dumont Cake

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy birthday Allen!

This time, ci Ollny ordered this cupcake set for his husband's, Allen, birthday.

Ko Allen..

Ci Ollny & her 2 yo daughter, Allyne

Happy 30th birthday!

silver Yaris

tasty noodle with chicken *slurp* ^^

with lots of love.. from: Ollny & Allyne

Thanks for ordering Ci Ollny! :)

Dumont Cake